Thursday, March 20, 2014

Willing Winter Away

 Dreaming dreams of Garden-days, Sun-warm kisses on my face, Heaven-dirt between my toes, 
where another summer grows...

From ether vaults mute moments drip
Easing tired tempests from Time’s grip
To past’s eternal deep
For they are frayed and weary-worn
With garments thin and tatter-torn
And it is time to sleep

The poverty of stricken hill
Pines for the laughing daffodil
Where moody winds moan wild
And every tree is like a maid
With arms spread wide to gowns of jade
And nature’s favored child

Somewhere beneath white satin sheen
Begins the stir of evergreen
In Mother Nature’s womb
For she must be delivered of
Those petal-things we dearly love
Of summer-splendid bloom

The kindling of a bandit-breeze
Arouses raindrop revelries
And sassy robin-trill
Where winter reigned, so cold and proud
The color of a kinder cloud
Gentles its stubborn will

© Janet Martin

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