Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When the Birds Come Flying Home...


When the birds come flying home
To drench waking day with song
Oh, sweet then, we’ll grasp the robe
Of springtime ravishing the globe

I would like a front-row seat
Where the air is bird-song sweet
Woodlot pealing with pure hymn
From the songster on its limb

Jaunty robin, cooing dove
Trill of lark from lilac grove
Finch and swallow, flicker, jay
Singing winter woes away

Eager waiting scans mute air
Listening for answered prayer
For we know that spring has sprung
When the birds come flying home

© Janet Martin

Today I thought I saw a robin but it turned out to be a grackle;  first signs of spring! I hear tell of robin-sightings, but not here…yet.

Image Source unknown

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