Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Love You, Not Because You're Pretty

I love you
Not because you’re pretty
Or blue-eyed
Handsome and cool
Not because of where you live
Or here you went
To school

I love you
Not because you’re rich
Or poor
Or somewhere in-between
Or because the grass
On your side of the fence
Is far more green

I love you,
I think you’re pretty
And you have such
Kissable skin
And I’ll likely always fall for
Your adorable half-grin
But these are not the reasons
That I love through thick and thin
For the person that I dearly love
Is who you are within

© Janet Martin

 I love when Edward asks her, 'do you find me handsome' and she says, 'not particularly' , then, when he asks her why, Jane replies,

"Appearance is of little consequence…it is the person within that is the attraction!"
~Jane Eyre~


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