Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sometimes We Write...

Sometimes we write just to relive the night
Where it fell freely to snuff out the day
We trace with ink, echoes drifting away
Swift, soon forgotten but for the delight
Of touch so tender where thought drips from pen
Remnants of splendor to relive again

Fountain of Time spills its own sort of rhyme
Tug-of-war treasure in hold and let go
Sometimes we write just to cradle the flow
Of moment-measure in penned paradigm
Lest as the tolling of dusk-shadows fade
We lose forever fond memory made

Silence can swell with the ache of farewell
How can we hope to remember it all?
Is there safe-keeping for pictures that fall
Ere they are swept to past’s unyielding fell?
We siphon pieces to poetry, then
Sometimes we write to relive them again

© Janet Martin

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