Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where Spring-peepers Sing

Snow-swaddled swamp waits in chill-brazen dusk
Wind wails through cattails, blue, bullish and brusque
Umber-capped hilltop rouses thoughts of spring
Where in its twilight the spring peepers sing

Ruddy reed weathered by winter’s caress
Longs for the chestnut of summer-rich tress
Stark-still they suffer knowing time will bring
Saunter of zephyr where spring peepers sing

Shadow-hands etch frozen art on a sheaf
Yearning for whisper of unfolded leaf
Ah, lovely meadow of first-flower fling
Where we can list to the spring peepers sing

© Janet Martin


  1. That perfectly expresses an early spring after a long winter and it certainly looks like my corner.

  2. oh, I just know they're hiding somewhere under all the snow!


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