Monday, March 31, 2014

March Farewell Song

 Those birds are robins! That can only mean one thing:) 

The homage of the robin stirs nuances where our lips
Pressed long against the song of frozen-field apocalypse
Arabesque alms of wonderful are wafting on bronze breeze
Inspiring the dormant limb with subtle melodies

The welcome mat for old man winter has been snatched away
And no one smiles to see his sense of humor spill its fray
Yet, he is not deterred but grins to watch his legions seethe
We try to play along; our smiles are more like baring teeth

The fellowship of fireside and hearth is bittersweet
We crave a stroll where waves cajole and chortle at our feet
For we are hungry eyes of winter-weary infantry
This madrigal of March good-byes ignites utopian glee

Farewell, ye brutes that battle with the maidens of the south
Farewell, ye gales of gall; of rebels reveling, uncouth
Welcome, ye jaunty jongleurs and ye blue-eyed balladeers
Your poetry of greenery will dry these icy tears

The intermingled echoing of spring and summer cast
Have garnered Time’s perfection in the idyll of the past
Ah March, you tease and test and vex with smile and scowl and sigh
Come, we will show you to the door; ah, cheerio, good-bye

© Janet Martin

This song makes me feel like spring...


(who is gonna fill George's shoes???;(

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