Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baseball Bygones...

Hot sun presses
On blonde braided

Push up glasses,
Lift bat,

She becomes familiar with
Much of baseball’s lingo
…strike three,
Out on first,
Caught stealing
But never once this;
Home run

© Janet Martin

Recently I told hubby that I still wish, just once, I could have hit a home run.

If ever you have watched your child play a sport do not miss Daniel Romo’s poem at YDP


  1. Baseball is in full bloom here. My son just had his first tournament this last weekend...which actually ended up getting rained out after two games. Ahh March! I remember I hit a home run once on my softball team on my 11th birthday. Was the best present that year!

  2. no baseball here yet...just a blizzard today.

    See? you remember the feeling of hitting the 'sweet spot'!

    My son loves playing baseball. This photo is a number of years ago on vacation at a camp where any kids who wanted to join in could play.

  3. M y husband has now come fully awake. It's like that every Spring! Great poem, Janet.

  4. :) That's what its like for hockey here!


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