Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Off-road Afternoon

We followed that off-road of dandelion freckled sod
Right out toward the ledge of blue and green twixt earth and God
Where free, forgotten apple trees scattered pink-petal mirth
To dapple emerald petticoats in pure abandoned mirth
And lilac plumes from gardens lost tossed perfume to the breeze
In beauty bold, unhampered by the bloom of centuries

We walked where willow awning whispered noonday lullabies
…where sun-soft sigh was spawning daisy-dreams and butterflies
And where brook-song meandered we followed its glossy glee
Through meadowland and coppice, beguiled by its melody
Camber of grassland ‘gainst the hue of heaven’s sanguine smile
Drew us onto the knee of nature’s nurturing a while

And here we watched the afternoon stroll into twilight’s trance
Beneath the curve of quarter-moon daylight and darkness dance
Until dusk's solemn postlude splays star-froth on onyx deeps
And we must go back to the flow that works and plays and sleeps
But long we will remember dandelion freckled sod
And that off-road we wandered to the very heart of God

© Janet Martin

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