Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We Write Because...

We write,
Not because we’re professionals
Or perfect
At what we do
When we feel that beautiful feeling
We write because
We want you
To feel it too

We write
If only to share a little
Of our life-window hue
But when God breathes
His Beauty
Over the world
We write because
We want you to
See Him too

So we write of
Hunger and heartache
Of things past,
Yet to come,
We write about leaving
and loving and home
…Of passion’s hurricane
Bold bittersweet
Pleasure and pain
On farewell-cobbled street
We write to the gong
Of one a.m.
Roundels of rain-song
Longing’s diadem
Dusk’s darling doggerel
Dawn’s dew-drenched dream
Midnight’s mute madrigal
Retrospect’s requiem
We write of holding
And then letting go
Of moment’s bestowing
Life’s yeses and No
We write ink-pictures
And portraits of thought
Ravaging hours
For just the right jot
The poet confesses
Fathoms of the heart
Novelist, playwright,
We tear words apart
To measure their music
To treasure the taste
Of moments once more
Plucked from summer’s haste
Where the bloom is still heavy
With diamond of dew
And the heart is a levee
Of ‘missing you’
Or where noon on the boardwalk
Is misty beach-blue
Ah, words are thought’s medium
To experience The View
So, we write
Nothing strange 
Or foreign
Or new
But simply
We want you
To be there too

© Janet Martin


  1. Marvellous, Janet. A treasure of words that speaks volumes. Great post, my friend.

  2. This one is fabulous. I love that little turn to alliteration right there in the middle. It's just exactly the right amount all tucked in there.

  3. Thank-you again, Glynis and for your suggestions you e-mailed;)

  4. Oh and did I mention how much I love the picture quilt, too?


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