Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Summit of Life's Hope-slope

 The sun seemed to stir from that summit this morning, washing the sky in riveting pink before slipping behind a wall of gray...

The Summit of life’s hope-slope; may we strive to reach its top
Forever straining to that scrim from whence Time’s mercies drop
And may its zeal and passion stir us ever up and on
From earth’s thorn-thistle thoroughfare to Heaven’s ageless dawn

See how seasons spin their sonnets from a thread of ether ilk
Or, how echoes weave upon it through Time’s sun and sable silk
Run, wee one toward your dream-tree groaning with prospect
Soon you will turn to see its crown in hoary halo decked

Ah, depression and oppression and confession confound
Yet hope rings forth eternally where God and grace abound
For man, though foolish fumbling, stumbling flesh cannot annul
The hope of Jesus’ righteousness and pardon paid in full

…and thus we press by faith toward a goal we cannot see
The Summit of life’s hope-slope ends beyond mortality
So now we touch our feet upon this cold and chafing sod
For we are on a journey to Hope’s Fold; the arms of God

© Janet Martin

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