Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Practically Paradise

It’s not the big things I’ll miss
When you go, but the little things
These make a house a home
And tug on love’s heart-strings

And I smile now as you move
Slowly, rapt concentration
The titter of tea-cups and silver
Sing of evening celebration

Delivery complete; Tea-tray touch-down
On coffee-table landing strip
Scent of vanilla-rooibos
Teases the air as we sip

…And chat about little nothings
Which are really not nothings at all
But will tune the whisper of echoes
In mom’s memory-madrigal

© Janet Martin

It's not the big things, but the little things
that make a house a home! 
...this was re-iterated just now as I noticed the word POP (aka soda) on the corner of my grocery list. 
Hey, its always worth a try, at least that's what Matt would say:)

a few more 'little everythings'

2 days before Emily's wedding last fall my sister-in-law gave me a lily that she dug from her garden so I quickly plopped it in a planter...we've been enjoying calla lilies this winter-long...

...little guy I babysit LOVES apples!
 It's raining right now. This might bring an end to the after-supper cross-country skiing;( frown, ...oops, smile :)! In spiteof this longer winter there are things I'll miss...

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