Monday, March 3, 2014

Morning Thoughts

 Yesterday's Sunday School lesson was on the tears of Jesus as He beheld Jerusalem and wept, If Thou hadst known...That account touches me immensely every time as I realize we still don't really get it; of how much He loves us 'as a Father pitieth his children'... I choked up as I read this story to the class and this highly amused them all as they tossed Kleenexes to Teacher;)
Don't you think He still weeps sometimes longing to gather us to him like a mother hen gathers her brood...?

Help us trust You, Lord and then
Not to seek applause of men
But to strive fervently to prove
That you are the God we love
Yes, you are the God we love

Distraction of sundry sort
Plagues perception to distort
Comforts croon and wanting wails
Love abides and never fails
Love abides and never fails

Pleasure is a fickle friend
Piety a hopeless fiend
But God, your love transcends our greed
Mercy meets us in our need
Mercy meets us in our need

Diligence, humility
Honor, let these ever be
The obedience we seek
For God, you help us when we’re weak
Yes, God helps us when we’re weak

Then, as morning stirs our sleep
Chasing shadows from the deep
Help us Lord, to bear in mind
Soon we leave this world behind
Ah, soon we leave this world behind

© Janet Martin

I wrote this earlier this morning but power outages and internet disruptions will make it a 'noon thoughts' poem

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