Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From the Corner of my Eye

I cannot stare straightly ahead
To pluck the air for daily bread
Barricades cannot thwart a thought
 Ah, this must be a dreamer’s lot

From out the corner of my eye
Tid-bits of poetry drift by
And who can work where gold is strung
Throughout a cloud from heaven hung

What if, while I transfixed my gaze
Upon Duty’s relentless maze
I would then miss that giddy twist
Of blue-eyed sky and spiraled mist

If I would close my eyes perhaps
Then I could concentrate; but traps
Of zephyr-sigh and tick-tock vie
From out the corner of my eye

And  I cannot like cold stone cede
Those palms outstretched where poems plead
For what then would thought’s merit be
Shuttered and barred to poetry?

God's touch suffuses nature's tray
With free and beauteous buffet
So I cannot stare straight ahead
Past where His poetry is spread

If then, I cannot thus persuade
Thought to remain stark-stiffly staid
I will set its discourses free
To eat, laugh, drink, love poetry

© Janet Martin

On rare occasion the house is quiet and empty so I’m trying to get housework done but then from the corner of my eye a little poem goes drifting by…

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