Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's in a Poem?

What's in a poem?
An arrangement of words?
A painting of things
Not seen but heard?
God's poetry drenches
The universe
By it we bless His name
Or curse...

What's in a poem?
Soul-strings of thought
Glorious gathering
Of tittle and jot
Stealing our breath
In rudiments stirred
By desperate release
Of heart-blood into word

What's in a poem?
This rhythm and rhyme
Of tasting life's music
One note at a time
...of drinking love's beauty
Again and again
Preserved for the ages
In poem-refrain

What's in a poem?
Feeling's epicenter
Or touch slow and tender
Ravishing Rembrandt
Stunning our gaze
Word-fire blaze

What's in a poem?
Ink-groaning travail
Laughter and sorrow
From life's sacred grail
Muse, mercy, magic
Wonder-spun wake
Of soundless soul-storm


Poetry Math


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