Saturday, March 22, 2014

But She Will

 Thursday, our first day of spring did not win any popularity contests!

The weather worsened after I was home...

Spring, as of yet has not beget
What she is well known for
Of violet vales and emerald dales
And glad, sun-dappled floor

She has not spun from rain and sun
Those blossoms on the tree
Or teased to naught the frigid draught
Of winter revelries

But given time, this stricken clime
Of ice and sleet and snow
Will bear with joy the kind alloy
Of green and golden glow

And we know soon the afternoon
Will toss her sun-flecked lanes
Beneath our feet, though now a sheet
Of weary white remains

Spring has not brought forget-me-not
Tulip or daffodil
No garden-play or willow-sway
Or robins, but she will

© Janet Martin


  1. My goodness, looks so wintry but soon spring will arrive and you shall be basking in the sunshine and warm days.

    I like your writing, Janice.

  2. It is spring on the calendar but winter outside! We are having another one of winter's 'tantrums' right now.

    (no worries on the name-thing;)

  3. I just love your poetry Janet. Today's poem really describes how I feel as well and we have snow coming later today so it will really go with your photos I expect. :) Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment. I'm following you now. Blessings, Pamela


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