Sunday, March 16, 2014

Of Gold-gilded Gift

The pines along the street are glazed in gold
Goodness beyond our grasp extends its grace
Where Time draws one more morning from its hold
A gracious gift of God to human race

The majesty of moments scales the deep
Toward a pinnacle we cannot see
Dawn pries the skies luring us from our sleep
To touch a highway veiled in mystery

…and here we place steps we cannot re-trace
Save in a sudden, sweet and tender thought
God, teach us how to use Your gift of grace
In humble gratitude the way we ought

© Janet Martin

Have wonderful, worshipful Sunday!

Today we are celebrating my nephew's 15th birthday.


  1. Janet,
    This is so beautiful.
    I sing praise to the Lord this morning, this most beautiful morning.

    Thanks for telling me about the problem you are having with not being able to follow my blog.
    Maybe it shall get resolved.

  2. I hope it will get resolved! I'm not sure if there is a way of contacting blogger??

  3. Lovely Sunday meditation, Janet.

    There are things happening on Blogger here too. For instance, my mom's blog won't allow her in, as it says she was not the author. Weird. I was able to copy the posts (there weren't lots, it was for family)...but now it can hang around cyberspace forever?

    Yes, you can contact Blogger. I did it when my own blog totally disappeared a few years ago and was missing for several days (be sure to back up your blog regularly).

    You can also Google the situation you have, as changes are you'll find other people with the same issue... check to see what answers come up on the list too.


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