Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Of Illusion And Memories

Illusions are not memories
Nor memories illusion
Now and then we are perplexed
By illusion’s intrusion
Thus causing momentarily
For us to become blind
To what we hold of moment gold
By fancy of the mind

Illusions are not memories
Though thought flings wide a door
To sundry painted fantasies
Of what one wishes for
But we are thought’s proprietor
And must be diligent
To guard that wide and winsome door
From thankless discontent

Illusions are not memories
Nor memories illusion
Though perhaps they vex and tease
In chimeral confusion
Majestic wave from rolling seas
Its grandeur awes and pleases
To disappear in moment-ease
Upon the sand beneath us

Illusions are not memories
Although they spread their fare
In likened manner, readily
On thought-scapes boundless stair
We cannot hear the echo of
Illusion, only want
As memories console with love
Where vain illusions taunt

© Janet~

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