Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Sing-song of Sorts

Sometimes, when ice-filigree
Tries to get the best of me
Offering on offering
Of cold on cold, I sing
…and sing

I sing of barefoot little boy,
Of pansy-grin or coffee joy
Winter tracing bracken nook
Milk-weed lining muted brook
I sing of laughing lass with curls
Brides with dreams, Young men with girls
Of lover and his love is mine…
I sing of summer and sunshine
Memory-quilts stitched on the air
Lily-lilt frozen somewhere
Heaven-hope and rose-romance
Wild-bloom slope and daisy-dance,
Darling hellos and goodbyes
Morning melting midnight skies
Merchants pushing laden carts
Market-places, broken hearts
Lone leaf scuttling up a street
Long past noon-day’s hurried feet
Spiraling of thought on thought
I sing of forget-me-not
Rambling river, vesper-trill
Moonlight halo on a hill
Moment-might and mighty men
Poems pouring from a pen
Bastion of prayerful heart
God and nature’s endless art
I sing of a garden-gate
Where spring’s first bud-jewels wait
Shadows blue on twilight-shroud
Rain-song dripping from a cloud
Oh, and winter’s vast off-spring
Snow on snow on snow…I sing

© Janet Martin

Sunlight seeps cold gold today...

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