Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The other evening as we left on an errand I was berating myself for forgetting my camera... again.The sunset filled the sky! 'It's okay', consoled Victoria, 'just take a picture with your mind!'

'Take a picture with your mind', she smiled
So I do
Etching the profile
Of a young woman-child
Where dusk-pink
Has drenched high-noon blue
But this image breath-taking; fair
That I cradle where
Only thought can see
Is bitter-sweet
I can never keep
Its present clarity
And this picture of her
Will eventually blur
Though I stare long now
And hard
Soon it will fade
Cherished and frayed
Like a precious, lost postcard
And I have learned
Though my intent is firm
Soon I cannot find
That sharp-edge rush
As I turn to touch
Those pictures in my mind

© Janet Martin

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