Monday, January 27, 2014

Time's Testing Tempest

Come; touch your faith to morning’s sky
Where Hope’s new fathoms gleam
Time has not shut her weathered eye
Nor sealed its silent stream
Come; mercy’s well-spring is not dry
So drink its pure esteem
For else the heart will vacant die
A pulse without a dream

What wild or wondrous joys yet wait
 Beyond this frigid rime?
Come; climb aboard morning’s frigate
We sail the seas of Time
The mistral must amalgamate
With bonny-breeze sublime
Ice cannot solder winter’s gate
Nor quell spring’s kinder clime

We cannot barter with the air
Nor weather-choosers be
And all must suffer ill and fair
Upon Time’s tempest-sea
So come; dawn spills from moorings where
Cold dark shuttered its lea
This waking dream its fruit will bare
Beneath the blooming tree

© Janet Martin

Come on, all…we can do it; Another snow day!


  1. Wonderfully penned. I'll bring the kids over for a snowball fight!

  2. we have enough snow for your guys and all your friends too! You're welcome to take some back home!


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