Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's Song

 (Matt laughs at me as I pause in the middle of things to quickly type before I forget) Today it was this song that did it:)

Love bleeds and pleads and longs and needs
There’s not one living soul
Who can become permanently
Another being’s Whole

Want taunts and flaunts in endless vaunts
Weaving a grieving mesh
Evoking, stoking discontent
In ineptness of flesh

Words cleave and weave a hollow hurt
When uttered by mere lips
The heart hungers for more than noise
In fumbling fingertips

Oh, I have bled the broken brogue
Of lonely bittersweet
Like flower-petals ‘neath the snow
Or font of flip-flop feet

Penned poetry is naught but thought
Vexatious twist of mist
We brave life’s wave for what we crave
To be loved once and kissed

...ah, to be loved just once and kissed
It is enough, my sweet
To be caught in the twist of mist
Where love and longing meet

© Janet Martin

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