Saturday, January 18, 2014

When the Dark Creeps In...(and some belated Thurs. thoughts)

When the dark creeps in
Like slow discontent
Over hope’s gilded banks
And we would despair
But for God’s care
Filling its gaping blanks
When sighs and woes
Of life’s highs and lows
Cover its gold with gray
Still, as we give thanks
The dark on hope’s banks
Softly melts away

© Janet Martin

Thursday passed too quickly so here is a belated weekly splash of thoughts garnered from lessons I'm in the middle of learning;)

Everything we do is futile
if done for man
Nothing we do is futile
if done for God~


Joy increases
as want decreases
if we count our blessings~

Everyone loves to be loved
especially the unlovable
...and we are all unlovable at times


There are few pleasures greater
or more pure
than the laughter of a little child

There are few joys greater
than feeling forgiven
and knowing it; when your teen-ager smiles;) 

If we want to dance in the rain
we must learn to kneel
in the sun


Trust is that thing
we never fully recognize
until it threatens to leave


Yesterday I searched for information
on how to get information
on this Information Age


Love is mundane
only when we put
ourselves first


Beautiful, Brazilian ecstasy
found in the coffee
you poured
for me!


 I must go...
The rod of Duty
taps in humble,
household beauty:)

Have a blessed week-end!

We have been without couches in our main living-room for almost a month! With all the crazy weather shipment was delayed. Today we hope to pick them up; yay!!!



  1. Oh yes, I've had the darkness creeping in a lot of late. And not because it's winter and we're in the shortest light season of the year.

    I find it takes much work to stay happy for some reason. The pressures of life do willfully tread on my heart.

    But the One who knows those same pressures from personal experiences reminds me often not to let the cares and anxieties of this world choke out the words of eternal life that spring up in our hearts if we become still with Him.

    I wish you encouragement about your writing, Janet. And grace for every footprint you must make today and this week.


  2. 'I find it takes much work to stay happy for some reason. The pressures of life do willfully tread on my heart.' yes, I understand! but oh, you nailed it in the next be still in Him.

    It's so important to focus on one day at a time, isn't it? . Thank-you Brenda for sharing your heart here.

    Hugs and prayers~


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