Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts to Make us Think

If I am the only ‘Jesus’
That some will ever see
I wonder what they think of Him
As they meet Him through me

We are becoming who we will be carefully.

Lord, hone the hope of my heart with Your fire


When dreams become burdens
Instead of blessing
Put them down
And look up


His glory above the heavens…
We ought to live righteously, soberly
For we stand in a Holy Presence


What our eyes see can soon distract
Thought-fantasy confuses fact
But Truth is Truth and will remain
When we can see clearly again


I hold you closer
For such is a heart
…shoulder to shoulder,
Though land-miles apart


Attitude hinders or helps us cope
It mirrors the Thing in which we hope


The dust of another day settles
In past’s irreversible hold
Lord, I pray among the nettles
You find a few nuggets of gold



  1. That first one is a message to live by. You've thrown down a challenge to me today. In a good way. Always love your thoughts...thank you.

  2. I'm glad and thank-you:) BTW, congrats on the Seattle win! (even if I was cheering for the 49er's)


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