Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Of Hearts and Having and Holding...

Hearts are not meant
To be shuttered and barred
Though having and holding and loving
Is hard

Tis better to love
Suffering romance
Than to die unscathed without taking
Love’s chance

Hearts are not hollows
But harbors of hope
The more that we love, oh the more
We can cope

…and love’s letting go
Is the bittersweet smile
Of having and holding a heart
For a while

© Janet Martin

This morning 'my baby' got up early to make her hair pretty for school; so unlike the old Victoria, but she will turn 13 in a little over a month! This realization sent a fresh jolt of 'holding on' through me, yet we all know love cannot hold what must be let go...


  1. Yes, love does bring us hope…and help us cope!


  2. Aww! Sometimes I don't want them to grow up, but there is just no stopping it. If you find a way, let me know lol. Thanks for the heads up on the Sweetbriar series. I looked for a Kindle version for my tablet but they didn't have if I can't get it at the library I saw a paperback on Amazon. Looking forward to it! Thank you! Hope you all are staying warm!

  3. It is hard to see them grow up but I would never hold them everything there is a time and purpose to every season...

    I hope you can find them. They are a little older than the plethora of fiction out there now.


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