Friday, January 3, 2014

Echoes of Shangri La

There, where the sea runs its melody
Over a shore of footfalls erased
Replaced, until retrospect’s recall
Is suddenly, surreptitiously graced
With keen remembrances skimming the blue
The having and holding and missing of you…

There are many ways to make love, I suppose
Samurai beaches or second mile sweeps
Where sacrifice bleeds colors of the rose
Into the wanting and waiting-drenched deeps
As hope, faith and trust tune tresses of blue
In loving and longing and needing of you…

Ethereal Edens echoing soft
Where once we danced, ere the invasion of
Moments drew us from the Shangri la
Of uninterrupted making love
Better the echo than never to know
Words to a song we whispered long ago

© Janet Martin

Recognize the beauty of love in your hand
Soon its soft echo will silver the sand…

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