Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Half-past Wondering

The clock climbs over
curves of a year
too quickly
closing the window of fantasy
a little farther
with every added candle
…pushing Future to Past
in shortcuts
it seems.
follow the sky
that has fallen over her dusk
nigh fifty years
its dust stoking the light in her eyes
is it tears?
Once upon a time
air was enough
to lure her to life’s dance-floor,
tossing caution to tomorrow
tipping the glass of freedom
daring to drink
too much
…no regrets
Bests have humbled her.
Tests have taught her.
Stumbles and fumbles
her legacy
as she reaches for the sky
and learns to fly.
she has never been wooed
but she has been loved
and blessed
…her heart broken

© Janet Martin

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