Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free For the Taking

It was one of those Second-cup days; press repeat:) I promise this is the last one for today!

Once more the hour breaks in two
Before the last half slips from view
Only to refill with brand new
Tick-tock free for the taking

Oh, little life-song softly spun
Dropping in moments one by one
Clock-metered measure; tell me hon,
What is it we are making?

Silver-swift spangled semi-sphere
Lilting of laughter, touch of tear
A penny for your thoughts, my dear
What is it we are molding?

Ah. moment-melded melodies
And golden-gilded agonies
Hon, we are making memories
For thought’s tender-sweet holding

© Janet Martin


  1. mmm...that coffee looks good. I already had mine for the day and making some organic elderberry tea now. Your words are beautifully true.

  2. o-o-o-! The tea sounds lovely. I'm taking a break with an orange-spiced black tea.


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