Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When Looking Back

When you have swept the highways clean
And melted from garden and pond
When you have chased the silver sheen
Out to the sky-line and beyond

And oh, when you have tickled bare
The northern half of hinterland
Perhaps then we will soft revere
How beautiful you were, and grand

When you have vented your last gale
And gathered up your bully-breeze
And when this powder-painted vale
Gleams, only in our memories

And oh, when you gentle your greed
Growling at every crease and crack
Perhaps at last we will concede
You weren’t so bad, when looking back

© Janet Martin


  1. Bully Breeze? Only you could come up with such a marvellous strong description. So very true! Love this and the sentiments contained within, Janet!

  2. all we can do is hang in there! Thank-you friend, for always encouraging our little group with such conviction and belief in us. You rock!


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