Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forever, My Love

Forever, my love, for now and for always
We will keep passion and prayer intertwined
Pity the one who dies while he is breathing
Inhale, exhale without dream, wide-eye blind

Forever, my love, for there is no quitting
Long-haul or uphill, we cannot cease
Darling, the hilltop and vale in life’s painting
Augments the beauty of love’s masterpiece

Forever, my love, beggars cannot be choosers
And I’ll be a beggar for love until death
To have my fill of our love would be torture
Climax of hunger fulfills every breath

Forever, my love, and that but the beginning
True love surpasses this flesh-blood divide
Hold my hand darling, life’s highway is slippery
And oh, lest we stumble, let’s walk side by side

© Janet Martin

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