Thursday, January 16, 2014

Of Good, Old Days I Miss~

Sometimes when winter winds howl blue
In every wee crevice
I pour a cup of ‘missing you’
And sit to reminisce…

And while I tromp its paradise
I see what yet remains
Of laughter in hope’s azure eyes
Music of midnight rains
The melody of holding on
Before the letting go
And knowing night precedes the dawn
Of what we come to know
I cherish home-fire vim and verve
And revel in the kiss
Of blessing I do not deserve
In spite of what I miss
Those daisy fields will bloom once more
And winter will fall prey
To Time’s bantering troubadour
Where sun-soft shadows splay
Stirring in throats of bluebell swell
…pastel forget-me-not
Flinging its foray to the dell
In periwinkle thought
For season-rivers ever roll
In tender give and take
Its echoes cavort and cajole
Across past’s frozen lake
And oh, I am not prone to weep
For what has slipped from me
We touch and taste, but cannot keep
Save, for its memory

Sometimes when the wind howls blue
I pause to reminisce
and then, my dear I think of you

And good, old days I miss~

© Janet Martin

Emily spent the other day home:) It reminded me of what I miss while still being 100% happy for her!

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