Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wasted Wishing...

Don’t leave me yet, though night-ness shades the street
Where a short while ago dawn teased to gray
Hope’s un-chanced moments of faith without feet
Now we have worn them; its dance bitter-sweet
...too much I cherish of this little day
Why are you eager to vanish away?

Don’t leave me lonely; this fire is for two
Time enough darling, to sip midnight's sky
Dancing with memories tomorrow will do
I am not ready to relinquish you
Exchanging touch for an echo or sigh
Trading the gild of your grin for good-bye

Don’t leave me winter-cold here at the door
Vexing my wishes with your fading light
Time enough darling, for past’s never-more
‘After’ is longer, it seems, than ‘before’
And we grow older with each farewell flight
Kiss me, but oh, do not kiss me goodnight

© Janet Martin~

This was one of those days I simply don’t want to end…Yes, because we were all home with nowhere to go. Storm-stayed Luxury.
( ...and yes, Green Gables and Gilbert and Anne find their way to our house every winter:)


  1. Two lines really stand out to me:

    "Hope’s un-chanced moments of faith without feet"

    "‘After’ is longer, it seems, than ‘before’"

    The whole poem pleads stay. How could it, day, go away? Your words here will last long after goodnight.

  2. ...it disappears, but not the memory:) Thank-you for your thoughts.


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