Thursday, January 30, 2014

But We Can't Get There...

On Winter Street, seems time has frozen
Ribbon o’ rain-song lost in snow
Tomorrow’s out o’ reach, my darlin’
Yesterday, too long ago

Paradigms of love and longin’
Chase their moments out to sea
Noon-dusk-midnight follows mornin’
The ocean has no memory

Ah, pinin’ is a futile passion
Present-tense our single ploy
We can’t get there from here, darlin’
…can’t return to borrow joy

Oh, I know Time’s no traitor
Nor its purposes made plain
But darlin’,  too long this winter
Steals the song of summer-rain

…’an all I’m askin’ for is something
Softer than the steel-blue clutch
And the raging of a tempest
Caging Time within its touch

…on Winter Street, seems Time has frozen
An’ though I know there’s no such thing
Darlin’, I’m pining for a season
Where the rain-song’s whisperin’

© Janet Martin


  1. That song is amazing!! Wow! I've never heard it before...what a work of art. Beautiful poem, I can so hear the inspiration in it.

    Side note: do you listen to Shane & Shane at all? They are who I am listening to now. They are some of my favorites.

  2. I've never heard of Shane & Shane! Always eager for new music. I'm going to check it out now.

  3. Thank-you. their music is very nice!

  4. What a beautiful piece Janet--the song and your poem!

  5. Celtic thunder and Keith Harkin on his solo album are some fav's of mine.

  6. ...if someone allowed me to choose one place to visit I think I'd choose Ireland.


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