Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Old Man Winter

 The drift just ahead on the crest of the hill near our house is so high that the road was impassable. Even the snow-plow was declined passage until a tractor and snow-blower could make room to push the snow back. Countless vehicles were stuck and ditched last night and this morning! A lot of roads were/are closed. We're in a little break until round two tomorrow.

Dear old man winter,
I must write you tonight
For we are so weary
Of white topped with white
The patience of patrons
Is worn to a shred
Optimism seems
To be on its last thread
For frost-bitten fingers
And ch-ch-chattering teeth
Are aching for some kind of
Sun-gold reprieve
And dear old man winter
I wondered if you can
Stray from your lone color to
Say…something like tan?
I know that you have
A reputation to keep
But look; your reputation
Is ten feet deep
And even if you let
Sweet sunshine smile
Your icy-cold presence
Would last quite a while
And we prefer highways
Black, not muffled white
Your gale is a fiend
Howling morn, noon and night
Delivering faithfully
White wrapped in white
And I wondered if possibly
There could be respite?
Somewhere it seems
In a far memory
I recall the gleam
Of a wind-rippled sea
And oceans of barley
Mornings drenched in dew
Where the lark dips and rises
Up into the blue
…dear old man winter
I will go now
Outside I hear you
As you seethe and blow
But if perchance
You’d care to rest for a bit
I thought I would tell you
We’d appreciate it,



  1. Amen!! It's been cold... unusually cold for us down here in Ohio (Tuesday the low should be -13 with a wind chill of -30!). I know you must deal with much worse, so I feel a little silly complaining about it! Chad drives a snow plow, and is on his 2nd 12 hour round, until midnight tonight. We've gotten probably 5 or 6" of dry, blowing snow in 2 days. I'm thinking the kids won't have school Monday or Tuesday... the school district is thinking about starting back up August 7th! Usually, they have until around the 24th... I'm tired of Old Man Winter!! Bring on spring :)

  2. I think they sometimes pull the plows off just to let the guys sleep! Snow removal really is non-stop right now. We need some of that warm front out west!
    Yes, bring on spring!

  3. You are truly having extreme winter weather, as are so many.......I do hope it stops soon! I can feel we are turning towards spring with slightly lengthening days - everyone will so enjoy it when it arrives!

  4. Yes, this is a winter for the books! I get so envious when I see them do the weather report fro B.C. enjoy:)


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