Monday, January 27, 2014

In the Fading of the Light

Seems to me there is an hour
After day, before the night
When the world is softly cradled
In the fading of the light
Here blue-gray dons pastel pathos
And the hurried-ness of feet
Pauses ‘neath lone star pavilion
On a periwinkle street

Now the cruel care of living
Takes a tender second-place
For farewell is fondly waving
To a day of heaven-grace
And its skylight gently closes
To the deeper tones of night
Nearer to tomorrow’s roses
In the fading of the light

Here within the hush of ages
Past and present intertwine
As we sense the turn of pages
Where regret and hope align
As redemption soothes our error
We, bearers of human plight
Sense a Hand, immortal, tender
In the fading of the light

Soon the night will snuff its splendor
Ere the morrow comes to pass
As we suffer all things human
Trickling through Time’s ether glass
But, before the dark’s returning
After we have borne the fight
Of another day of learning
Comes the fading of the light

...Someday, when we reach the shoreline
Twixt Time and eternity
As we sense death’s darkness falling
Over this mortality
Then we’ll hear a kind voice calling
Drawing us from endless night
To an everlasting morning
In the fading of the light

© Janet Martin


  1. You are prolific! I don't know how you can write so many consistently great poems. Really I am in awe! And it's so cool how you take these photos of every season and post cool to see God's creation doing it's thing.

  2. God doing His thing is where we get ours huh? inspiration, that is;)

    Thank-you for your visit and encouragement today.


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