Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gardener's Winter-hope Refrain...

When earth is robed in waves of white
And summer seems a world away
When hearth is warm with firelight
And skies are stoked with icy gray
Above nude tree-copse, stiff, austere
When all the flowers disappear
We do not lose our faith; we know
A garden waits beneath the snow

When dark comes early and stays late
In overtures of moody blue
The heart, a meek and muted slate
Of resolution and review
And when at last the day is born
In cold, colorless winter morn
We do not weep; for each requiem
Dawns nearer to hope’s flower-dream

Beneath the dead of winter; life
And oh, beneath its soldered deep
Faith waits; someday it will be sight
Where summer’s flower-gardens sleep
When winter’s climax grips us; cold
Spilling gray grumbles over gold
We are upheld by hope’s refrain…
Where sun and flower-gardens reign

© Janet Martin

 ...lest we forget:)

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