Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Summer Re-visited

On dewy dawn soft shadow splays
Across the lawn; its fretwork maze
Embellishing an emerald sash
Where soon swift carefree bare feet dash
And softer zephyrs strum a sea
Of half-sprung rye, its melody
A farmer’s hope and dreamer’s bliss
And summer’s sun-kissed happiness

The bud has broken into bloom
Its token tune’s earth’s living-room
And we are all fear-free and wild
As every gladsome summer child
And long we lie beneath the tree
Of willow-song and memory
Where daisy chains teased fingertips
And berry stains sweetened our lips

How distant now that gritty gale
Of sleet and snow and ice travail
Sun-sparkle frays in coffee cups
Hope leaps and plays like eager pups
Where children squeal and laugh and run
Across a year of rising sun
And mothers scold and hug and call
Before the bolder tug of fall

© Janet Martin

I was traipsing along in Monica's snowy footprints when suddenly she swept me into a sun-sparkly summer I stayed a while;)
 I love all seasons teeth and c-c-c-cold! vehicles need a break now and then. We didn't get a major January thaw as some predicted and we are in a deep freeze for the remainder of the month according to weather forecasters.

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