Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Days...

There’s somethin’ ‘bout snow-days…
How they keen the heart-blaze
Love-laughter warming
Where flame-dance is null
Afternoon chatter
Wrapped in cozy sweaters
And soon to be memories
Of fresh-framed Thankful

There’s somethin’ ‘bout snow-days
And scrabble-word free-ways
Carving out niches
Of sun-sweet July
Good books, steam swirling
Above the unfurling
Of soon to be memories
Etched over good-bye

There’s somethin’ ‘bout snow-days
And blueberry bundt-cakes
Filling the kitchen
Ah, there’s somethin’ ‘bout snow-days
Molding their memories
…not with ice-anguish
But love spicy-warm

© Janet Martin

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