Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of Moment-gold

 Just think! beneath the snow a whole garden is growing restless!

We dare not mourn though time has torn
Another page from future-sheaf
Where swift we spent the hour it lent
Before it lay to rest its leaf
Yester’s quixotic fantasy
Has etched its little legacy

We dare not weep; from morrow’s deep
We reach to thread our half-spun dream
Not with the past but what yet wafts
To tease the tempest with its ream
A sweet and silent canticle
Unfurls its moment-miracle

We dare not pine for soon the vine
That spilled its swarthy summer bloom
Will warmly wake; its bud will break
Then spill its seed back to earth's tomb
As all the while soft through our hold
We touch the wealth of moment-gold

© Janet Martin

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