Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Morning Does Not Lose Its Way...

Morning does not lose its way
Though tardy, it seeps through gray
Lighting coppice, crag and firth
Sallow orb o’er white-washed earth

Windswept, hinterland and dell
Brace against steel tentacle
Nook and hollow, alley, hill
Nothing can escape its chill

Somewhere softer canticle
Teases turquoise-bathed pebble
Purple pool of morning mist
Veils lush vineyards warm, sun-kissed

Here we brace against the growls
Flung from Old Man Winter’s jowls
Here, at hearth we linger long
Slipper-clad and coffee-strong

Morning wends from heaven-tress
Vexing night’s dark wilderness
Through its howling, headstrong wrath
Morning melts a little path

© Janet Martin

Crazy-cold and stormy...all schools in a wide area are closed!

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