Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Troy...and every other girl and boy

God thought and He thought
Then, when He was through
He wove from His fingers
A most beautiful you

Your nose and your eyes
Your shape and your skin
Will never be made
Quite like this again

And oh, how He loves you
Not by what you do
But simply because
You are perfectly you

© Janet Martin

Inspired by a very precious boy whose name is Troy.

There is nothing quite as painful for a parent
As hurting for their child.


  1. Oh yes...our children hurting is indeed the most painful thing.

  2. yes!...and as one mother told me, whether they're 5 or 50, oh it hurts to see them hurt! Her son is 50-something and very lonely; child living far away, wife died from cancer...

  3. Okay, my turn to cry...Veggie Tales and Janet's words. A profound message. What a most beautiful encouragement for Troy and so many other girls and boys. Simply beautiful, my friend.


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