Friday, January 24, 2014

Worth waiting for...

 Waiting for the above while watching white waves whistle and blow across a sea of snow...See below snapped just now:)

We wait long
For those things worth waiting for
Long after summer is washed from the shore
Through white winter wonderlands
Warm April rain
Until it is summer once again
We wait
For love suffers long
Holding tight to the hope
Harbored in hearts
While fall strips green slope
And winter, spring, summer
Their circuits attend
We wait
For love cannot pretend
Nor does it surrender
Its faith to fate
When the thing we wait for
Is worth the wait

© Janet~

If you use your imagination there is a slight similarity...right?


  1. Hi Janet--lovely piece--wistful really--and makes me long for the times with my kids clambering in the back yard--stay warm!

  2. I love your BEAUTIFUL poem!!!!!! and your photos are so gorgeous, such beauty! The ocean shot is spectacular and makes me so homesick.

  3. Thank-you Audrey. I just put another log on the fire. The wind is a bully tonight;)

    Thank-you Sherry. Photos do that don't they? ...make us homesick.


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