Friday, January 10, 2014

Toast to January

We chase June echoes across feathered pane
Grand Jack Frost empires melt beneath our sigh
Up from the skyline of mottled terrain
Dawn drinks iced-ebony from midnight’s sky

Mute magistrates of a law undeterred
Oversee icy extolments obeyed
Orderlies dressed in stiff, white over-shirt
Tumble, responding in cloned escapade

Winds scold and simper, as warm zephyrs slink
Like chastised ruffians to sunny-south pews
The brogue of winter moans at every chink
Bent on fulfilling its preordained dues

We brave its volley of steel-tongue barrage
Pouring Colombian second-cup toast
' ether-esque echoes of mist-morn mirage
Shimmering somewhere beyond Jack Frost boast'

© Janet Martin


  1. I got cold just reading this, and I'm in California!


  2. :-0...;)
    It is cold but it's what we expect in Canada. This is an old-fashioned winter like I grew up on. We've gotten off easy in the past # of winters.


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