Friday, January 3, 2014

Time's Tender Turbulence...a 'sort-of Sonnet'

We all must bear Time’s tender turbulence
A tide coursing from heaven's ether source
It gathers in its mighty, muted force
Intangible deaths and deliverance
Then rushes o’er a brink into a sea
Where oft we search in vain for its lost shore
But cannot tread Time’s spent for-never-more
And so we brace for storms that yet must be
Before the Captain guides our vessels where
Time does not hinder us from here to there

The footfall of a moment rends the air
In soundless and boundless intensity
Its dividend of brief uncertainty
Soon tugs the ribbons from a wee girl’s hair
And laces traces of silver-soft proof
Where many midnights kissed our dreams of dust
And disappointed schemes of wanderlust
Though we have ducked and tried to stand aloof
There is no bastion for fool’s lament
Where we can hide or escape Time’s intent

…so we embrace the kiss from its abyss
Storm cannot dissuade the morning sun
See how its tide, mighty yet moment-spun
Bestows allotments of heaven-lent bliss
Dumbfounded then, we cannot curse the sweep
Tugging life’s best and worst into its surge
We are compelled by morning’s mercy-urge
To love and laugh and touch and taste and weep
While moments course in river’s through the air
Time's tender turbulence we all must bear

© Janet Martin

I wrote the first two stanzas then looked up to see the Creator stunning the morning landscape with Majesty!

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