Monday, January 20, 2014

Because Faith is not Sight...

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God, you deliver
Signs and wonders
In the twinkling of an eye
Gracious Giver
Supreme Creator
Oh, we lift Your name on high
And pray…

God, we know how
You parted waters
Granting favor
In the midst of the fight
We come to you
There is none greater
And oh, God, Faith is not sight
So we pray...

God, no one precedes or
 Succeeds Your power
All is cupped in the palm of Your hand
Earth and heaven
Skies and water
Rise and fall at Your command
So we pray…

God, the darkness
Of life’s Unknown
Is not larger than Your Light
And the fear
That would enthrone
Is not stronger than Your might
So we pray…

Lead us not
Into temptation
Where demons of doubt assail
God and Father
Of creation
Hope pours from Your holy Grail
As we pray…

© Janet Martin

Our friends covet your prayers once again  for a 48hr. miracle!

...and who is this God we pray to? A young man from our congregation spoke the message in our worship hour yesterday and he spoke on who this God is.(click on this link for the message); Matt Robinson - Reflecting His Lordship

I surrender; Hillsong


  1. I was listening to that song and thinking about the couple and was so glad we can trust in the one true God!

  2. Beautiful Janet... Your words always mean so much. Thanks for sharing and writing. Love You!


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