Monday, January 13, 2014

Duty-Duel with a Kitchen-Countess

…To laugh the giddy laugh of innocence
Or lie beneath noon’s tree in guiltless ease
Ah Childhood; Keeper of lost luxuries
Stolen somehow by Duty’s recompense

And suddenly I covet the romance
Of girlish fancies, crumpled ‘neath the glare
Of dirty dishes and dust-pan despair
While doggedly pursuing Duty’s dance

Somewhere, but not in crypts of lifeless sod
A shy grave sprawls where I dare never weep
Lest I forfeit these gifts within my keep
Of blessing rendered by dear Duty’s rod

Rose-fingered dawn will soon fold to its breast
Another day of toil and spoil and such
I tremble now beneath the testing touch
Where love and longing vie for Duty’s best

© Janet Martin~

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