Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little Bits of Beauty

A little bit of tidy...:)  We enjoyed a few Valentine's treats before everyone rushed away...Emily dropped in and it was almost like old times!

 (Melissa was here too but she ducked out of every picture;) Matt experiments with 15 yr. old humor in the background!

Sometimes in less polished moments
I’ve wished for what I wanted instead of what I had
But God left those wishes unanswered
And in looking back, I am glad

We cherish more deeply life’s laughter
When we have polished its unpredictable air
With tears of love’s utter loyalty
Returning our thanks in a prayer

Because love is a two-tone commitment
To weather its storm; well, this we must do
Then every so often a moment
Looks exactly like we want it to

© Janet Martin

See you after the week-end!

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