Monday, February 17, 2014

How Beautiful You are

How can I look at you
Without renewed desire?
Yesterday unborn, but now
You keen a virgin fire

How fair your un-flawed form
How perfect your kind face
From ether region you extend
To touch my touch with grace

And do you sigh a bit
To know that I will braise   
The unsoiled fabric of your robe
With my intended praise?

Poised on the brink of you
I pause amazed and awed
For somehow in your smile I sense
The magnitude of God

How beautiful you are
In gown of gold or gray
You forgive my past and come
To me, oh brand new day

© Janet Martin

While driving hubby to work this morning so that I could bring his vehicle back home, I was awed speechless at the beauty of a new day's birth!

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