Friday, May 17, 2013

When She is Gone

When she is gone then we might wish
That we had tried to love her more
So we should pause and dance a bit
With her across earth’s emerald floor
For she is like a little girl
Eager to see what will be next
And soon she’ll be a silver swirl
In autumn’s keen, auburn pretext

So long we waited for her smile
And her ambrosial filament
We ought to beg her to beguile
And draw us from toil’s trivial tent
For soon she’ll gather up her skirts
And wander to another shore
But now she grins, teases and flirts
So we should try to love her more

The daffodil has flung its gold
To warmer breezes sauntering
And soon the tulip will unfold
Its chalice to earth’s hungering
Spring does not force her melody
This artist of nature’s quadrille
Performs her rainbow rhapsody
Then slips beyond the far blue hill

© Janet Martin

Even as I write this I am hoping to have a few moments to squander and wander in reply to her beckoning…tomorrow.


  1. Yes do....dandelion fields bring out the child in us..whew these last days have been busy...we're still deciding if we're going to Niagara on Sun.
    How was your week?

  2. I hope you have a good week-end. It is a busy time of year, but such a wonderful time of year. I love it...worked in the flower-garden until it was too dark to see and I realized I chopped off a lupine thinking it was a weed;(


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