Thursday, May 9, 2013

He Will Come Again...

The truth abides; we do not hope in vain
One thing remains in Love’s eternal plan
In clouds of glory; Heaven’s Son of Man
Lift up those weary feet; do not despair
Though scoffers scoff and doubting doubters jeer
We do not labor for man’s glory here
And every knee will bow low to the sod
And every tongue confess that He IS God

God tells us this is how the end will be
Few will believe; living in vanity
But what He promised surely will be so
This is the day of grace; do not delay
For just as He ascended He will come
To take the wretched, ransomed sinner home
There is no second chance on Judgment Day
Look up; for lo, deliverance is here
And soon the Son of Man will re-appear

The Shepherd knows His sheep; the Groom His Bride
But grace and mercy plead on our behalf
He died so we may live; the careless laugh
Love pours more Time into this vapor-side
Time trembles on an ephemeral string
Eternity is such an awesome thing
We cannot comprehend denial’s cost
Dare we the blood-shed love of Jesus spurn?
As He has gone away He will return

© Janet Martin

Happy Ascension Day to all!

May we live with this in mind; He is coming soon!


  1. Beautiful...thank-you. It sure seems we are living in the end of days...with all that has been happening.then again we don't know what's ahead? well happy Friday.. I am taking Luella to shady Lane Greenhouse soon.:)

  2. I agree...these are troubled times! Our God reigns!

    I would love to go to a greenhouse but my flower budget is being saved for fall this year;)


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