Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Will Never Be Alone


Wherever life may lead today
Through meadows plush or fields of stone
Though skies gleam gold or glower gray
We will never be alone

Autumn may snuff the boast of spring
Beneath Time’s weight of truth we groan
Yet in spite of what life may bring
We will never be alone

Though loneliness clenches our hearts
And pricks the core beneath our bone
Cling to the comfort Love imparts
For we will never be alone

What God has promised He will do
Dream-dust and tears are soon wind-blown
We cling to His word; it is true
And we will never be alone

© Janet Martin


  1. :)God is always there for us, watching us over through his angels and his creations be it wind, sun or moon....

  2. Nothing escapes His gaze. Hallelujah! and the moon was extra-ordinarily stunning last night!

  3. Wonderfully, richly, lyrically beautiful!


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